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Celebrated its 285th anniversary in 2006, the approximate 1.2 square mile Borough of Hightstown is one of the oldest towns in New Jersey.  Steeped in history in its early years, it served as a hub for small town commerce and was once famous for its stagecoach stops and later, railroad travel.  Hightstown is still known for its majestic Victorian homes and town center, which still thrives despite the onslaught of area malls.  The Peddie School, one of the premier private high schools in the country, is located in the heart of the borough and contains some of the most beautiful real estate in the State, including a golf course and university-like buildings that border Peddie Lake.

In real estate the three most important factors in determining value is location, location, and location!  And Hightstown has it!  Located at New Jersey Turnpike Exit 8 and about an hour the New Jersey Shore, Pocono Mountain skiing, New Your City and Philadelphia, four things that many Jerseyites deem important.  As far as real estate goes, the area has it all i.e., condominiums, townhouses and single-family homes to fit the budget of almost every income level. 

Although separate towns, East Windsor and Hightstown share some municipal services and an excellent school system.  The education that my two generations of kids received at the Hightstown-East Windsor school system was excellent.  This fact is somewhat attested by the fact that all my kids have been well prepared for the college, with my second generation, boy-girl twins, who began their college journey in 2006.

Form of Government: 

The Borough of Hightstown was incorporated on March 5, 1853, and operates under the Borough form of government.  The governing body consists of six elected Council members, each serving a three-year term, and one elected Mayor who serves a four-year term.  There is also an autonomous Board of Health, a Planning Board (which also functions as the Zoning Board), Environmental Commission (which includes the Borough's Shade Tree Officer), Historic Preservation Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission. Meetings of all Boards and Commissions are advertised and open to the public. 


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