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Clarksburg is located within Millstone Township, Monmouth County, NJ and is approximately 187 feet above sea level.  For an interesting and enlightening exerpt of the history of Clarksburg, go to:

Clarksburg features recreational activities for all ages.  Their Summer program is well managed and many children participate (vs. having to incur the expense of sending  to a day camp) which by the way, there are two great day camps in town “FrogBridge and Black Bear Lake”.  Both within a few miles of each other.  The YMCA Camp is only about 5 – 7 miles near Freehold.  Some homes in Millstone backup to the YMCA Camp and will use that camp for convenience.  

Additional Youth Programs: 

Girl Scouts / Brownies

Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts

Recreational Sports – Wrestling, Baseball, Football (PopWarner), CheerLeading, Lacrosse, Soccer to name a few.  CheerLeading Squads have won the National Championships held in Disney World.  Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts on both ends of Millstone, hiking trails, horse trails.  The largest Monmouth Park (over 900 Acres) is within Millstone.

Millstone is famous for its equestrian businesses and boarding facilities and its commitment to providing designated riding trails throughout the Township.  Millstone also borders the Assunpink Wildelife Perserve and the Horse Park of New Jersey. The Assunpink Wildlife Management area is a haven for native wildlife, as well as a stopover for migrating birds.  Assunpink's almost 6,300 acres offer many attractions to area residents. Known for its network of artificial lakes resulting from the damming of Assunpink Creek, the Preserve provides excellent hunting and fishing opportunities. A system of paved and non-paved roads are open to vehicular traffic and more than 10 miles of horseback riding trails are one of the big reasons equestrians flock to this area and the equestrian-minded vie for homesteads here!

The 147 acre Horse Park of New Jersey in Stone Tavern, Monmouth County, is the result of a unique public, private partnership. The land was purchased by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection with Green Acres funds. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture continues to assist in the development of the Park into a world class equine exhibition facility. Since the Horse Park borders the 5000 acre Assunpink Wildlife Management Area.

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Millstone is a great town for youth programs!  There is something for everyone.  An outdoorsman’s paradise as well!

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