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Cayuga Heights

This neighborhood came into being in about 1920, when developers Newman and Blood realized that by constructing a bridge over the gorge that separated Cornell and the land to the North that there would be the opportunity for a lovely suburban neighborhood. Cayuga Heights was laid out to reflect a European tradition in meandering streets and is very charming.  There are many classic Stone Tudor and Brick Victorian homes in this area.  There are also newer ranches and deck homes mixed in.  Cayuga Heights Elementary School is centrally located between the Parkway and Hanshaw Road.  


Cayuga Heights is known for mature landscaping and some lake views.  Many parts of Cayuga Heights are an easy walk to Cornell University and to Community Corners shopping center.  The village has its own police and fire departments. The Village offers a beautiful park, Sunset Park, overlooking Cayuga Lake.  The President of Cornell University lives in Cayuga Heights in a impressive stone tudor home on Cayuga Heights Road formerly owned by Robert H. Treman.    It is a convenient and much loved location for Cornell Faculty members.  Home prices tend to be in the $400,000 to over $1 Million range.  There are some more modest ranch homes available for under $300,000.

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