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Taylor Street/Little Italy
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The Streets of the Near West Side are filled with history and change.  No more is this visible than on the Streets of Little Italy.  This fine community is located between Morgan to Ashland and Congress to Roosevelt Road.

The Taylor Street / Little Italty community has been home to Italian immigrants since the 1850's.  At the end of the 19th century, Jane Adam's revitalized social work and developed the Hull House, now located on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, which helped new immigrants make the tranistion from their old homes to life in America.

The Taylor Street / Little Italy community is still filled with many Italian-American descendents as well as many original homes and large buildings, some of which, like Mother Cabrini Hosptial (now called Columbus on the Park), have been turned into upscale condominium homes.

The Taylor Street / Little Italty community is also abound with students, thanks to the presence of the cutting-edge University of Illinois at Chicago college and hospital.  In addition to the University, the area is home to other academically renowned school such as the Andrew Jackson Language Academy Grammar School, Whitney Young High School, and St. Ignatius College Prep, a high school whose building survived the great Chicago fire.

While living in the Taylor Street / Little Italy community, residents can enjoy the multitude of restuarants and cafes that are situated throughout the neighborhood.  In addition to traditional Italian fare, residents can expand their palate with a simple walk through the neighborhood; The Taylor Street / Little Italy community is home to Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Indian restuarants.

The Taylor Street / Little Community continues to expand and reinvent itself with the development of new townhomes, condominiums, and the Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame.    

With museums, restuarants, parks, and shopping within walking distance from most homes, the area is a great place to live.


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1516 W. Taylor Street Chicago, IL 60607
Office: 312-735-3124 Fax: (312) 243-4335

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