What is MegaAgent?

Imagine having total control of your web site without the need to be a high-tech computer whiz who sits in front of a monitor all day!

Envision the ability to add, delete and change your own listings at a moment's notice, quickly and easily!

And just think how incredible it would be to create a personalized e-mail database that would enable you to send a customized, dynamic web page via e-mail promoting a "Just Listed", "Just Sold" or upcoming Open House!

Sound too good to be true?

Not with MegaAgent -- the revolutionary marketing tool for the Internet, created by Hobbs/Herder Advertising, was designed specifically for the real estate industry!

Imagine having a Command Center to control almost every aspect of your web site without knowing any computer code!

Imagine being able to access this center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer around the world.

MegaAgent lets you do it all: create new listings on the spot, upload your digital photos, add personal messages onto your pages, add free lead-generating special reports, and send great looking e-mail "stationary" that reinforces your brand and unifies your whole marketing campaign.

MegaAgent's unique E-mail Farming feature saves you money in printing and postage by allowing you to send out your "Just Listed," "Just Sold," and "Open House" announcement via e-mail. It also puts you light years ahead of your competition by showing your technological savviness to upscale consumers who use the Internet as a major factor in their home buying decisions.

Built from the ground up as a lead creation tool, MegaAgent has direct response mechanisms built into every page to entice the viewer to enter their information for delivery to you. Better still, each entry gets stored into your very own Internet database for future marketing to your e-farm!

User Friendly and Feature Rich!
MegaAgent is so point-and-click simple, anyone can learn it in just minutes! If you know how to get your digital photos onto your computer, then you're most of the way there already.

Check out these features:

  • Impress your clients by putting their listing on the Internet at your listing presentation right in front of their eyes!
  • New address, phone number or other contact info? No problem. Just log in and change your information anytime you wish.
  • Create entire slide shows for each home! (Sorry, only 999 photos per listing allowed!)
  • 100% IPIX friendly. Easily incorporate 3rd party Virtual Tours into any listing.
  • Create a custom Community Calendar for your little niche community and become the source of information for local soccer games, school plays, church socials, whatever!
  • Offer "no obligation" Special Reports for consumers through your website guaranteed to generate fresh leads.
  • Empower yourself! Never wait around for your listings to be updated by your hosting company again. Do it yourself in seconds!
  • Import your Top Producer, ACT, Outlook, or other database!
  • Save big bucks on printing and postage by sending your Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House announcements in full color via your MegaAgent account.
  • Add your own personal messages to your web pages as easy as creating an e-mail.
  • And much much more!

Make no mistake: Image E-Mail Farming is the future of real estate.

With MegaAgent, you can make use of this value today and show your clients that you have your finger on the pulse of their needs, their community and their future. Just like all of today's leading businesses, the Internet has transformed the way business is done. MegaAgent is the tool that allows real estate agents across North America to turn the promise of the Internet into cash. Period.

Proven Experience

Besides producing some of the most dynamic, state-of-the-art Web sites for Realtors®, Hobbs/Herder Advertising has developed an amazing program which allows agents - even those with little or no computer skills - to execute a state-of-the-art online marketing campaign.

Imagine if you could make changes to your marketing materials with the click of a mouse. MegaAgent allows you to add and change home listings, and provide potential and current clientele with information on upcoming local events. It's simple, and there are no additional fees no matter how many changes you make.

While most agents are unable to edit the content of their online advertising tools, with MegaAgent, you can send brilliant-colored, attention-grabbing e-mails to potential and current clientele. And like direct mail, these lead-generating, "power" e-mails will help you communicate with your target market and enhance your name recognition. Imagine delivering the news of "open houses" and homes "just listed" and "just sold" in vivid color, onto their personal computers! Once you have the e-mail farming system in place, you can send additional - even hundreds or thousands more - e-mails to your client base for less than the price of a stamp.

MegaAgent gives you the freedom to add and change home listings, and post community news on your web site whenever you want. By keeping your online information up to date, you show those who are relocating the close connection you have within your community, and attract locals to use your Web site as a neighborhood resource. And, instead of being at the mercy of a computer programmer or Web designer, you now have the power to make these changes yourself - instantly.

MegaAgent is such a revolutionary way for real estate professionals to utilize the latest Web technologies, it will probably change the way you do business forever. So don't let your competition leave you behind.

Take control of your Internet presence, and go completely online with MegaAgent today!