Ed is a former civil engineer who worked on large-scale projects. These days, he enjoys small projects like his kitchen remodel.

Ed truly knows where his priorities lie. Family time is the most important part of his life.

For most people, the events of the fateful morning of September 11th, 2001 are indelibly ingrained in their minds. Many people sat glued to their television sets or radios as they took in the sounds and images that would forever change their lives.

A Day Like No Other

Local businessman Ed Miller’s life, like so many others, was profoundly changed that day. Perhaps more so. You see, Ed was actually inside the World Trade Center when what began as an ordinary morning, turned into a day like no other.

Life Changing Event

Because of his management role with the Port Authority, Ed went to work every day in the World Trade Center. On many late evenings, Ed fondly remembers being able to look across the river and see the Statue of Liberty and his home State of New Jersey from his 72nd story windows. Amazingly, he was there for the first attack in 1993. But surviving the infamous attack in 2001 was an experience that forced him to look at life from a whole new perspective. “The human suffering that occured that day was tragic,” Ed recalls. “ I am thankful to have survived, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much the event that day affected my family and so many other families.” But also, not a day goes by that Ed doesn’t appreciate with a newfound fervor how precious life is, and more importantly, how precious the people who are important in his life are to him.

Engineered for Success

Born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, Ed grew up in East Brunswick before later settling in East Windsor. After Ed graduated with honors from college, he applied his BS in Civil Engineering and his Master’s in Management to a thriving career as a civil engineer. His hands-on approach to technology and his ability to communicate and negotiate with contractors, attorneys, accountants and senior management framed his career at The Port Authority with nothing but success. He had the experience and know-how that got things done.

Making a Positive Difference

These days, Ed’s focus and priorities are clear. Family, friends, neighbors and clients alike benefit from his rejuvenated perspective. Though Ed is a baseball fan who loves nothing more than seeing his favorite team play, he’d much rather watch his daughter play basketball or watch his grandsons play baseball at the local playing fields. For Ed, every day presents unique opportunities, whether at work or at play, to make it an extraordinary day and create a positive difference in someone’s life.

It’s All About the Experience

When it comes to Ed’s real estate profession, he treats every day and every transaction with a determination to truly make a powerful and positive impact in his clients’ lives. I want their experiences to be great experiences. Ed accomplishes this through his experiences—and his knowledge and expertise.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Ed applies his knowledge of construction and engineering, his vast professional experience negotiating contracts, as well as his ability to clearly explain the complexities of those contracts to his appreciative clients. He never loses sight of the fact that his clients are real people with real wants, needs and desires.

Local Knowledge

Home sellers can rely on Ed to maximize exposure to their home with creative marketing plans. Ed prides himself on his savvy internet marketing skills – getting sellers more and higher offers. His knowledge of construction is a real plus as well. He knows how to showcase homes so they stand out against competing homes. This results in a quick sale for top dollar. Homebuyers appreciate his knowledge of the area, its local market and its inventory of available homes for sale.

When you’re ready to make a move in the East Windsor - Princeton area, why not work with a passionate professional who is committed to doing everything he can to make it a successful and positive experience. For Ed Miller, It’s All About the Experience. His experience and knowledge will make your move a great one in every aspect. Call Ed today.

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